Chicken Saga…

The guys have been putting together a larger chicken tractor to house our white leghorn chickens.  In order to keep them separated from the other farm chickens and give them the needed free range grass they need, he had to build a larger house he could move every couple of days.  They used left over green house parts to put together the chicken tractor. 
These birds also have some sort of magnetization pull to the road.  So if you want to get leghorns, make sure you have them semi-contained or they will wonder off.   Or you might have a freaked out woman come to your door telling you she just ran over one of your chickens and when you assure her it’s ok…she promptly will inform you everything is not ok and you had better get it off the road immediately…. obviously someone not from around these parts…
Here he is releasing birds into their new home.  Notice the nice orange plastic construction fence??  He didn’t consult the neighborhood covenant (i.e. mom) to see what building materials are allowed.  Our yard art is loud and unconventional. 

The day after they caught the birds and had them all nice and cozy in their new home, one of the goats ran through the plastic, ate the chicken feed and let all the birds out.   
Back to the drawing board for the boys.

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