These aren't American Lady Bugs!

If you are one of those families who live in an area where the Asian Lady Beetle has overtaken you–I feel your pain.  Since 1916, they have spread coast to coast thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
In one article I read, “The Asian multi-colored lady beetle was first introduced in California in 1916 as a biological control.  Subsequent releases occurred in other U.S. regions for years after. The beetle is a voracious eater of soft-bodied insects like aphids, and went to work immediately. Unfortunately, the alien lady beetle out-competes our native lady beetle species, making their survival more challenging. In addition, the Asian lady beetles have a nasty habit of aggregating in homes and buildings during winter months, something our native species does not do.
The Tennessee extension office says that you shouldn’t kill them…  and I quote “Remember, these beetles are providing a service for us (killing pest aphids) and should not be killed whenever possible.  Eventually, the beetle’s population will exceed its food supply or natural enemies may become more abundant, and the populations will crash or reach a lower level without our interference.”
Here is our “Kill the Beetles” bug control solution:  Hire your 8 year old boy with a vacuum and hose to suck up the hundreds of beetles crawling all over the walls and windows.  Empty the vacuum canister into a box or bag.  Carefully place the box into the burn barrel.  Light on fire and burn before the beetles can escape. 
You would think with over 100 chickens around here…bug control wouldn’t be a problem.  However, American chickens don’t like the taste of Asian bugs evidently. 



  • Bereanwife says:

    Last Saturday the invasion started at our house. It is horrible, they come in everywhere. There were eight on the kitchen counter in just a few minutes. They will fall into food and fill the light fixtures. The exterior wall of the house can be covered with thousands in just one day. Adding to the fun is they stink! As a child, I thought ladybugs were cute, but now even my children can’t stand them. 🙁
    Berean Wife

  • Ginny says:

    LOL! I really don’t like these bugs, either. A few years ago, I had broken my leg and was sitting in my chair reading with a big water bottle next to me. It was from the hospital and had one of those large flexible accordion straws. I reached for my water with my eyes on my book. I took a long pull and EEEEWWWW!!!! There were two asian beetles in the water at the bottom of the straw and they were now in my mouth and it tasted HORRIBLE! I held them in my mouth for a few seconds, but I couldn’t get up to spit them out, so I had to spit it out on myself. LOL! Oh, it was so yucky!
    SO! I totally understand the chickens not liking their taste.

  • Definitely feeling your pain over here in Fernvale! Yuck. My oldest daughter had a couple of shirts with lady bugs on them when she was little and we lived in town. Needless to say, my other daughters don’t wear them :o)
    And yes, I agree, they smell awful! I have found that in years when I am diligent to get rid of them, especially making sure I kill the lone occasional one that pops up during the winter, I can tell a noticeable difference in their population the following year.