How the Industrial Revolution Made Life Harder

familywalkingfromchurch.jpgWe have written many times on the Industrial Revolution and what a drastic change it has made to our economic, cultural, and political landscape.  There are so many ramifications, that it is difficult to even identify them, let alone be able to understand their full impact on our lives.  It may be questioned if we are even able to properly assess the different areas it effected; such as our economic system, our family structure, our church life, and even our very beliefs.
Mrs. Parunak has done an admirable job of identifying some of the challenges of parenting, specifically motherhood, that are a direct result of the industrial revolution.
Some people read an article critical of the industrial revolution and think because people are looking at the period with a critical eye, they are against any advancements in technology.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The thing to examine with a critical eye is the impact of the methodology and the shift it brought to our culture.  Advancements in technology, improvements in production, and the economic wealth of a nation are good things in general.  But, one can not embrace the good without examining the cost.
In the article, Why Modern Motherhood is So Much Harder than it Ought to Be, you will be exposed to some of the cost, in regards to our families.

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