You know it's time to check on the children when…

You know it’s time to go check on the children when the 7 year old comes in the house and says, “I need two tablespoons of lighter fluid and a match.” 
In all seriousness as if I would ever hand over such ingredients to a 7 year old boy–  I ventured outside to find a village  springing up in my back yard. 
Road crew working on a newly built road.  They transplanted some sort of bushes that were growing in the woods and think they found a apple tree –so they think– and transplanted it for the village orchard.  I have sample leaves sitting on my computer desk with a note saying they need this tree identified A.S.A.P!
And the village garden with greenhouse made out of tomato stakes and electrical tape.  I was informed they still needed to cover it in plastic.  The other night I made some turnip greens and they asked if they could use the turnips for something.  I found them planted out in the village garden today. 
The village security system.  A homemade potato cannon.  This would be why they wanted a match and lighter fluid.  Other features of the backyard village include a deep pit and a garage for the work trucks, which I mistook for a garden bench..silly me.  I was afraid to ask about housing…maybe that is what the pit was for?
And no– I didn’t let them test the cannon.  Now to break the news that their life-size science fair project isn’t going to be a permanent backyard attraction.  Whatever happened to poster-board and glue?