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  • tkonvalin says:

    Thanks for the video I have put it up on my site as well. It is so good to see men that do not stand down to the press and pressure to sound amiable to the times. It is interesting that it was two women that Voddie was conversing with, I am sure that was no accident.

  • kathyhfl says:

    Thank you for posting this. I emailed it to my husband at work. I really like listening to Voddie Baucham. It is really interesting and somewhat disappointing to see the reaction of conservative women in the wake of the selection of Mrs. Palin for Vice Presidential candidate.

  • arrows4him says:

    Having watched and read Dr. Voddie Baucham for a couple of years now, this type of response during this interview are what people can expect to hear this Man of God say regardless if the camera is on or not. Sadly, men of conviction, like Voddie, who will unashamedly preach TRUTH without compromise are few and far between. Most of us were not raised to understand this no- compromise way of acting in the midst of desiring worldly acceptance but the hope is that with men like Voddie and others, our sons will know what it means to be true followers of Christ, regardless if they are accepted by the world or not! Truth is always Truth! And as Voddie always say…”If you can’t say Amen, you had better say Ouch!”