If You Haven’t Heard Voddie…

voddie family

Thanks to one of our commenters who reminded us to mention Voddie’s blog.  We regularly follow his blog, but lately Dr. Baucham has been hitting the issues hard over there: 

If you haven’t heard Dr. Baucham speak, you must get a hold of some of his CD’s.  We especially love his humorous but bold,  straight forward messages.  It is so refreshing to hear a man, with much influence in the evangelical world, boldly defend the Word of God without compromise. 

Next up on my book reading list is his new book Family Driven Faith of which I have heard great things about.  Hopefully, I can put together a book review after I get a hold of the book. 

Over the next week, in all of our “spare time”, we will post a few more highlights of what others are saying about the upcoming election.