Getting All Too Familiar…

This has become an all too familiar site around these parts…
I almost ran out of gas last week…and it was a scary feeling driving around not being able to find gas—finally at the 3rd gas station they had one grade left…so I filled up with as much as they would let me get.  Something I always took for granted — I have always been able to whip into any gas station and fill up whenever.  That changed for us last week…and is continuing this week. 
As such, a big topic of conversation in our home school has been about the economy, fuel and inventing.  Just how does one grow or produce their own fuel???  I have been surprised at all the little minds around here turning over real solutions for future fuel possibilities.  Some of the children say forget the fuel…let’s train our goat to be a pack goat or better yet…let’s get a horse– so simple in their minds! 
While our gas supplies are limited out here in the country, thankfully we have been able to find gas so far and have avoided the madhouse in the city 😉 

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