Growing Leghorns

We haven’t posted any pictures lately of our growing leghorns.  They are getting so big!  We were just talking the other day about the differences in the different breeds of chickens we have and different characteristics they exhibit.  We found a chart a while back that details these differences — temperament, size, egg laying abilities, personality etc.  The chart said that the leghorn breed was flighty—We have found that to be true! 
This would be my nice mixing bowl in the yard……
One of the girls stops to pose for a picture.  I am not sure how many leghorns we have…somewhere around 90 birds as we have lost a few.  AND…we ended up with a rooster…two roosters actually out of the bunch.  These hens will have the job of supplying eggs to a couple of local restaurants in town.  They will be laying big white eggs…which, we have found, is what restaurants ask for. 
Our 12 year old loves taking pictures of the farm.  He captured this picture one full moon night of a bunch of his leghorns camping out on the hog panel fence. 
The next big project will be building some sort of egg mobile for these hens.  Right now they are in smaller chicken tractors and running around the compost/garden area. 
We have an appointment this week to go look at a few hoop houses and green houses from a nursery that is closing down.  They boys can’t wait for that field trip as they are thinking they might be able to make a grand chicken home out of these.

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  • Becky says:

    Hi Beth,
    Just wanted to share that we heard one of our roosters crow for the first time yesterday! I was hanging out clothes and our youngest daughter asked what the noise was coming from the chicken house, we listened more closely as he kept trying and finally succeeded at his first cock-a-doodle-doo!! The girls (my daughters, that is!) and I were so excited! What a blessing…just wish we knew which one crowed! We are looking forward to having fresh eggs this spring.