Balancing Buffs

These are the famous super buffs.  For those who haven’t heard the story…this little boy nursed these two back to health with an eye dropper of water and lots of patience. 
Our 12 year old receives a magazine subscription to Backyard Poultry.  In it, he discovered a photo contest.  Soon after reading about the contest to his brothers and figuring out they could all enter it….they were off trying to catch their favorite chickens.  
They are optimistic evidently.  The 7 year old has asked me just about every day if we have received an email yet telling him he is the winner. 
Super Buff is quite a heavy bird. 
…. loosing balance!
Well now…. we regained control and have balance.  How long can you balance a chicken on your head?

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  • Well if he isn’t cuter than a bugs ear! I think he should win just for being so cute with that chicken on his head.
    It looks like you all have a very nice family there and it’s fun to read your blog. I have been reading it for a little bit but had never registered so I could comment. Leticia