The Ugliest Vaughnshire Chicken

One of our Bantam hens hatched out a baby chick not to long ago.  He is so ugly, we can’t believe he is real.  He isn’t liked much by the other farm yard animals.  When visitors come and happen to catch a glimpse of him, they assume he was in some sort of fight.  He wasn’t in a fight and he isn’t diseased, he was just made this way.  This is what happens when a turken rooster gets loose with your bantam hen.  Since he is disadvantaged, we decided to let him live on Vaughnshire for the time being. 



  • joshrug says:

    It is the “Ugly Duckling”………no……I guess it must be the
    “Ugly Chickling”

  • Bereanwife says:

    We have had pretty chickens (white silkies with “Bell-Bottom feet) and ugly chickens. But yours wins the prize! Maybe you can charge for tickets to see him at the fair. 🙂

  • Cathy says:

    Okay, so we recently aquired 5 bantams and 1 Turken from you all…and the Turken turns out to be a rooster, so is this what we have to look forward to?? Just teasing, we actually like the Turken and I really don’t think your ugly chicken is all that ugly. He is very unique. By the way, the Bantams are great and seeing them all over the yard makes me smile! Thank you for the chickens!

  • BethTN says:

    Hi Cathy– ohh my–yes you might end up with some pretty interesting baby chicks. I will say this though—those hens are the best momma hens we have had. They wonder off in the woods or find a hidden spot in the barn and will eventually emerge with lots of babies following behind them.
    If they start laying, you can collect the eggs…you don’t have to let them hatch out chicks— They lay decent size eggs too for bantams.

  • Emily Riley says:

    Oh my word . . . that is the second ugliest bird I have ever seen! (The first is some sort of African bird at the zoo). I love bantams though. Not only are they fantastic layers, good mamas, and just plain cute, they have so much more personality than Rhode Island Reds, for instance. And my experience has been that they’re the best type of rooster to have around people.
    ~Emily Riley