The Country Gentleman Corn Afternoon Shucking Event

The children harvested some of their corn today. 
 It was a very exciting site to watch.  The older ones picked and the younger ones shucked. 
I explained the art of shucking.  The 3 year old was the most intent.  She kept saying, “..but his corn hairs keep touching me…”
Corn shucking proved to be an excellent attention keeper for those 5 years old and under.
Never mind cooking…she ate a cob before we got it in the house…and took a few bites out of some other cobs. 


  • Carmen says:

    Very cute! A friend gave us quite a bit of corn a few years ago and we had a great time as an assembly line with shucking, blanching, cutting and bagging for the freezer. Our 4 year old was almost 18 months at the time and loved nibbling on the raw corn. It was very funny to watch her enjoy the raw corn! Glad you all had a great time!
    Hope your little man is sleeping better!

  • Deanna says:

    This looks familiar- had an event like this myself about 3 weeks ago. My 22 month old was the corn eater and my 4 year old (almost 5) boy was the master shucker! We’ve enjoyed the fresh corn. We had a neat event lately that I bet your kids would enjoy. My children (5) have found a new entreprenual (sp?) opportunity. They visited our local county fair and found out the winners of the events win ribbons and money! Well let me tell you they are all excited to enter all their crops, animals, projects, artwork- anything they can find. They also entered the races- 50 yard, three-legged, and so forth- and really raked in the cash. (about $20) The only time having a big family really pays! Great encouragement to work harder next year and enjoy some pats on the back from society. It’s nice to see these types of accomplishments valued.