What’s in a Name Part IV – Providence

Westminster Larger Catechism Question 18: What are God’s works of providence?Answer: God’s works of providence are his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures; ordering them, and all their actions, to his own glory.
(Ps 145:17, Ps 104:24, Heb 1:3, Col 1:17, Ps 103:19, Matt 10:29-31)

Lastly, we selected, what has become a doctrinal abnormality in our day, as our son’s called name.  Providence, the idea that God, the Creator of the universe, actually controls the universe for His purposes and His glory has been over shadowed by our modern church’s infatuation with freewill.  The focus on free will, out of balance with the understanding of God’s sovereignty, has left the modern church in dire straits.  Being raised without a proper understanding of this principle, it is glorious to see God’s providential hand at work in the world around us.
From the simple things like God protecting us from harm and death each day to the extraordinary things such as understanding the multi-generational testimony God continues to develop in the earth, serves as a constant reminder that we are created.  So often we don’t stop to consider the complexity of the details that have to be in place to even have the family makeup we have.
I was told of a story by Beth and her mother tonight about Edna Kathryn Purdom Davis who was the 22nd child of Beth’s great-great grandfather William Howard Purdom. William had 10 children by his first wife, Sarah Gossage.  When she passed away, he later married her younger sister, Nancy.  They had 12 additional children together.  Beth descends from their last child; William’s 22nd child!  As we look back at the annuals of time, we see that if William did not have these 22 children, young Providence would not be here today.  In fact, Beth would not have been born and there would be no Vaughnshire as we know it.
Fortunately for me, America had not fallen under the spell of Margret Sanger and the birth control propagandist yet.  This was to come a couple decades later.  William and Nancy received the children as the blessings God brought to them and because God moved in their heart to do so, I am a blessed man.  It is one thing to say glibly that God knew me before the foundations of the world.  However, that often seems to be so abstract an idea that it is technically beyond our mental grasp.  However, to know that God was working to provide me a wife, and these 8 incredible children, when Edna was born on February 1st 1909 helps our human mind begin to grasp the depth of God’s providence and the sovereign control he exercises over His creation!

The providential blessing of God.


Noah Dabney Providence Vaughn

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