The 5 year old farm boy

If you could have know how farm illiterate/challenged we were just a few years ago, you might appreciate some of the farm stories all the more.  I remember driving by a neighbor’s farm not long after we had moved from out of the city and looking at all their “goats” in the field.  We had been looking for some goats to clear some brush and they seemed to have an abundance of them.  Maybe they would sell us a couple of them?  So we pulled over and asked the elderly gentleman about his “goats”. 
He starred at us a while, looked back over at his “herd” and looked back at us and said, “Well, Dem ain’t goats, Dem are sheep!” 
Minor mistake.
Back then, telling sheep and goats apart proved to be a challenge for us.   Did you know there was such a thing as hair sheep–they don’t look like the typical woolly sheep.  
My, how far we have come! 
A couple of weeks ago, our 5 year old comes running in the house after being outside for a while working with the big guys.  He mainly observes and hangs around the boys when they are working.  He still gets distracted with honeysuckle, ant piles and lizards. 
So I asked him what he was up to and he says, “Well, I was just watching daddy and the boys cut up one of the rams and put cheerios on the other ram.” 
Hmmm….I had no idea what he was talking about. 
After some more inquiry and vague 5 year old answers, I found out that daddy and the boys were castrating the baby rams…and he had been watching them.  They decided to do the old fashion cut on one of them, like last year’s pig and use the handy dandy elastrator banding tool (using cheerio looking rubber bands) on the other one. 
You know…just a regular day in the life of a farm boy. 


  • daysofgrace says:

    THAT cracked me up! (calling sheep goats)

  • Tracy says:

    From one mother of a 5 yr. old boy to another….I totally understand..I spend great amounts of time trying to decipher what it is exactly that he is telling me. 🙂 I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it.
    I agree that was really funny about confusing the sheeps and the goats.

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