In the Garden…

We grow lots of rocks and weeds in our humble garden, but we are also enjoying some real food grown by the efforts of our children.  It is a challenge in self-restraint to ban myself from stepping foot into the garden this season–I am good so far.  The children have been working the garden this year and look what they brought in to me this week!


By the looks of things, you would not imagine such fruit could come out of such a patch of weeds, however, I am learning that some things, like a weed free garden, just don’t matter.  What matters is giving the children the opportunity to work on a project, like growing food for the family, by allowing them to experiment, learn, experience failure, labor and enjoy success. 
Earlier this week the 5 year old brought me two NOT READY TO BE PICKED zucchini and said, “MOM, are these ready to be picked yet?”  I told him, actually, no..they aren’t ready yet…but thank you…and don’t pick any more vegetables unless a bigger person tells you to. 

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