The Milk Nazis Are Coming…


With all the raw milk flowing around here it is hard to pass up articles like this one.
We can buy raw eggs, raw meat, and raw vegetables, but watch out for the raw milk Nazis!  They are out to keep the world safe from little bitty microscopic organisms that might give someone an upset stomach.  After all what are constitutional rights compared to the public health.  Isn’t that the role of the government to protect us from our own stupidity?…
Or, could this be an example of the symbiotic relationship between big government and big business?   Who asked for these laws on pasteurization?  Why do they only pick on dairy producers?  How come there is not a lobby for the pasteurization of eggs… OK so actually I think eggs pasteurization is catching on.  But at least they haven’t moved to make normal healthy eggs that people have consumed for thousands of years illegal and to fine or arrest people who sell them!
Of course there are answers to all of these things, but today I’m all about asking questions.  If you follow the money it is not hard to figure out where the desire to control this commodity come from.  The article addresses what happens when someone questions that desire and the state’s authority behind it.  But it also highlights a man, who understands his constitutional rights and is willing to stand up for them.

Nolt told the newspaper he didn’t feel bound by the government’s limits on selling milk.
“The government doesn’t have the right to dictate what I eat, and never will,” he told the paper.
Stoltzfus compared Nolt to “that little black lady in Alabama who wouldn’t go to the back of the bus.”
“Mark believes it is his right to sell, according to the constitution, just like it was Rosa Park’s right to sit wherever she wanted on the bus,” he said. 

The article not only deals with the constitutionality of raw milk sales, but also brings out some good facts about the health of raw milk from a study conducted by the Medical Research Council in the United Kingdom.
Check it out, if you can keep your blood from boiling about the tyrannical actions of the state, its a good read on raw milk.