The Goat's Milk Myth

I took my first sip of our goat’s milk not too long ago— very cautiously.  We have heard bad stories about how horrible goat’s milk is…it’s goaty, tastes gamey, you won’t like it…
However, I was pleasantly surprised that the goat’s milk we have been getting was far from the stories we have been told!  Maybe the taste of milk differs drastically between breeds or maybe all the bad goat milk comes from animals that eat all the brush and wild onions?  All I know is our goat milk is absolutely delicious and we are enjoying having an additional supply of milk.  At a later date, I would love to draw up a comparison between milking goats and milking a cow.  There are many things we have learned about milking cows and goats.  Many differences, but both provide great raw milk for the family. 



  • jeanette says:

    I have really enjoyed reading you posts, and never commented before, but with the new adventure of milking your goats I thought I would offer you my way of making goat cheese. It will turn out much like a ricotta type cheese. Just bring the milk to a simmer ( my mom says that is just after the milk starts to foam, but before the bubbly hard boil). Then turn the heat off and add lemon juice 1 tablespoon at a time until the milk solids seperate from the whey (clearish liquid). Strain through cheese cloth and squeeze the cheese to get some of the extra liquid out. You can use the whey for soup stock too. Blessings

  • BethTN says:

    Thanks for the tips… we are wanting to try this 😉