Should we Send Our Children to School as Missionaries???

There are a lot of issues in our culture today for Christians to wrestle with; but, who should be responsible for protecting and training our children should no longer be on the table for discussion.
If you don’t believe it is your job to educate your children, then perhaps you might consider the following stories in regards to your duty to protect your children.
This is not a biblical apologetic for home schooling.  That has been done many times and perhaps we will discuss it in more detail here one day, but this is simply a look at the culture we live in.  If we cannot be like the Bereans to search the Scriptures to see if these things be true, then perhaps we can at least be like the men of Issachar, “men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” 1 Chr 12:32
I will state that due to the nature of these links, discretion is advised.  I hesitate to even post these on our site due to the subject matter.  But here is the bottom line.  We live in a corrupt world, where there is sin and wickedness.  We are called to shine a light on the darkness, and at the same time protect our children.  My recommendation is don’t read these links if you are already convinced of those two things.  But if your children are being educated outside of your home or are spending a good deal of time outside of your direct supervision, then I recommend you read these articles and consider the world into which you send your children every time they are out of your sight.
Of course the bigger picture is not just the darkness, but what we as Christians should be doing to shine the light of Christ so the darkness no longer exists.  That is another topic for another day.  But for this piece, let us state clearly, it is not the job of children to solve this problem.  It is most certainly a job for the church, in at least two immediate areas.  First by evangelization and turning people to Christ that they would repent of their sins and secondly by training Godly men to serve in the halls of justice who would deal biblically with people who commit these crimes.
Lastly, for those who think their children are safe in “Christian” school, you should check out this list first:


  • Michelle Lynn says:

    What I find amazing is the judge saying that he cannot see how a 43 year old woman engaging in s*x acts with a 13 year old boy harmed him?
    Seriously? Really?
    And yet, the state of Texas has removed more than 400 children without proving anything.
    Let me get this straight…it is not harmful for a 13 yo to engage in s*x with a teacher, but harmful for a girl to marry with a parents consent at 16????
    I know this wasn’t the point of your informative post, but the wheels start turning sometimes;)

  • Brittany Shelley says:

    I believe that homeschooling is the ideal education but some people don’t have enough education and enough money to homeschool their children. I go to a public high school and nothing awful has happened to me. At my school we have a club called FCA. We pray in the mornings before school and have meeting during club rotations. It’s great to learn about Jesus at school but you should also learn about Jesus at home and go to church. My point is that you don’t have to be homeschooled in order to be saved. Your heart matters. I love your webite. Please email me with your response at {Removed}

  • PaulTN says:

    Hi Brittany,
    Thank you for your comments and your heart of humility displayed by asking. I went to government school and nothing too bad happened to me either. Other than the usual turning my heart from my family and to my independent life and the daily assault on my faith by the “Christian teachers”. God did preserved me through it all, but not without years of pain.
    In our culture we have come so far from a biblical culture that we often times do not even see the things that are wrong. Do you believe in evolution? Christian’s should not. Did you know that government sponsored school, i.e. the age segregated public schools are an idea that is not found in the Bible but in evolutionary and socialistic principles?
    When we speak of Biblical principles, we are not talking only of things that pertain to salvation, but to how we live our lives after we accept Christ. Christ is the first step, after that we have to live our lives according to his word.
    It is a tough transition from being a cultural Christian to attempting to live our lives according to the word of God. Sometimes you do not have complete control over areas where you’d like to see a change, such as how your parents decide you are to be educated. Did you know that some parents use to sell their children into indentured servitude? Sometimes the child would be obligated to serve another family at their place of business for 7 years in exchange for the education it would provide.
    The point is Christ holds us accountable for the things we have control over. There is a difference in Brittany deciding with her husband where and how her children will be educated one day and Brittany submitting to her parents in how they wish her to be educated.
    I would suggest however, that someone of your age and ability to communicate such as you have here, indicates to me that you could probably manage your own education, with your parents approval of course. You might petition them if you are up for the task.
    Again remember it’s not about salvation. Jesus said if you love me, obey me and he gave us a whole book to teach us how we can best order our lives. Of course the other question to be asked is why are we being educated? Is it just so we can “go into the world and get a job”. The biblical idea of education is to train the children to serve God and His purposes in the earth. The very best resource I could recommend that might be a great study for you and your parents together is called “When You Rise Up”. You can find a copy here:

  • Alexandrakjv1611 says:

    I have to send my son to school so he can get the speech and occupational therapy he needs for free.
    I just don’t send him to school if they do Halloween, or Xmas, or any other pagan holiday. (No, I’m not a JW.)
    Since he’s in special ed (going into first grade), they’re basically trying to teach him skills he needs. He’s starting to read and his teacher wants to start teaching him math. He has a speech delay and a developmental delay. He is on summer vacation now, which means *I* can teach him!