Food Economics

I think you must have to live in a cave to not notice that there is something up with the food and gas prices.  
Now that spring time has arrived and growing season is in full swing, food options are a bit more varied than during the winter months.  There are farmer’s markets and home gardening that can help relieve the rise in blood pressure at paying ridiculous prices for items such as a green pepper or head of lettuce.  The fact is — you are not paying for the produce, but for the countless other expenses it takes to get that pepper or head of lettuce to market–like shipping it in all the way from the other side of the country…or world.   
While it is true that some of the household expenditures can be drastically reduced with using coupons and rebates, finding healthy food like produce, meat, eggs, milk and grains, enough for a large family, doesn’t happen on coupons.  I am talking about staple food items. 
I have been shocked at the rise in prices on bulk items that I buy:  

  • In December, I paid $21 for a 50 lb bag of grain. 
  • Last week, I paid $31 for a 50 lb bag of grain. 
  • In December, I paid $20 for a 50 lb bag of oats. 
  • Last week, I paid $30 for a 50 lb bag of oats.  
  • A couple of months ago, I paid $20 for a 1/2 gallon of maple syrup. 
  • Last week, I paid $25 for the same thing. 

Those being good deals right now as I have seen higher prices on the same items elsewhere.
Many of us would do well to consider the old fashion idea of maintaining a stocked pantry and not depend so much on the 24 hour grocery store down the street to be our pantry, especially living in unstable economic times such as where we are living today.  Some will scoff at the old adage of preparedness that generations in times past believed in, especially those of us who have always had everything at our fingertips.  However, considering history, we would do well to be prudent and wise when it comes to thinking about our position and vulnerability in regards to food.   
Do we live month to month or paycheck to paycheck?
Do we neglect to have basics on hand in our pantry?
Do we know how to use basic ingredients to create meals?
Do we know what our food buying options are in the area in which we live?


  • Thank you so much for always being faithful to share on your blog what God is teaching your family. I have been indirectly mentored by your family since you owned the Quiverfull Digest, learning so much through your family’s example.
    We live in WI where prices are through the roof on bulk items too. Our Farmer’s Market opens this month and planting is starting.
    Would you mind sharing more of your menus? Having six children and trying to plan out meals more frugally is getting more difficult.
    Your family is always a blessing.
    In His grip,

  • BethTN says:

    Wow..that was a long time ago —it seems like it anyway!
    We have been hearing that grain prices are only expected to rise–not only will that impact the bulk grain purchases but also other products made from grain. It will be affecting all of us.
    I can post some of our menus soon…