Big Oil, Big Government, Big Profits, Big Contributions, and Big Tax Cuts

bird_oilspill.jpgBirds of a feather flock together.  In this case the birds are those big ugly oil soaked birds that are displayed to provoke anger at the big oil companies when there is an oil spill.  So I am following the media’s lead on this and using those same pictures to represent the slimy greedy symbiotic relationship between the oil corporations and the government.
I talked about the unbiblical nature of corporations here and their relationship with the government here, but the oil & fuel crisis further solidifies the mutual benefit the government and their creatures, the corporations, provide to one another.  In this particular dance there is around $16,000,000,000 to $18,000,000,000 in tax cuts remaining at stake for the oil companies which has been purchased with $638,796,674 in lobby dollars over the last 10 years… Not too bad of an ROI even if the tax cuts were removed today.
According to Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, who testified on this subject before the House transportation committee:

“Political action committees, lobbyists and executives do not give money to politicians or parties out of an altruistic support of the principles of democracy. They are savvy investors expecting a return on their investments. Politicians routinely deliver on campaign contributions that are provided to them… [by] giving goodies to the industry.”

Of course the liberals like Mr. Slocum don’t disagree with the underlying principle of the government subsidizing various groups, their main complaint is the little guys who do the alternative energy are not getting the money!
If I may be so bold as to declare it, the issue is not the fact that the top 5 oil companies have made $63,000,000,000 in earnings so far this year or the fact they are making record profits while their customers are paying $4 a gallon for fuel.  The issue is that we setup a system that has no checks and balances.  The issue is that man is sinful and needs to be held accountable.  Corporations provide loopholes to that accountability.  Corporations are doing exactly what they were designed to do… make money for the investors.
I don’t know which is more concerning, that Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill thinks that there is such a thing as a corporate conscience, or that he thinks the government should be the corporate conscience!
I’ll agree that we are facing an issue of conscience, but it is not a corporate conscience.  It is the seared conscience of the individuals in America who sent people like Mr. Durbin and George Bush to represent us.  It is the seared conscience of the men who run corporations with no regard for the people their profits are impoverishing.  It is the seared conscience of the stock holder who demands greater returns without regards to the earth God created and entrusted to us.  In short it is the collective conscience of a nation who has turned its back on the God of Creation and His Law by which we rightly order all areas of our lives.
America, we are on the wrong path.  We don’t need to slow down.  We don’t simply need to lower taxes or gas prices.  We don’t simply need new leadership.  We need to change tracks.  We need to go the other direction…  That is to say we need to repent. 
God’s Word is sufficient and binding for all areas of life on all of Creation.  It is sufficient for a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is also sufficient for a sound economic policy for nations.  It is binding, not only on those created beings who have repented of their sins but it is also binding on those created beings who persist in their sins.  The same law will judge both and the same wisdom can prosper all who submit to it.
So the next time you take out a small personal loan to fill up your gas tank, remember the slimy oily birds that are conspiring together to remove your freedoms. 


Then remember we are complicit in their failures and the trouble we face as a nation today because of our sin of not believing the Word of God to be sufficient.  Because we did not believe it we did not expect our leaders to believe it or to seek its wisdom for our nation.  Remember that we did not get into this mess overnight.  It will not be fixed in one election cycle or even in one decade. 

Let us commit to believe the Word of God and re-establish it as the rule for every area of our lives.  Let us commit to establish a multigenerational vision that imparts to our children and grandchildren the truth about how we arrived at this place in history and begin to work to re-lay a foundation future generations can build upon.
Let’s commit once again to let God’s Word be the rule by which we order all of life, not just a couple hours on Sunday morning.

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  • xoxo says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I must admit i have not read everything you have posted but I just got to ask one thing. Do you know Ron Paul??? Most everything I have read tells me that you and your family would be rooting for Dr. Ron Paul for President! I am sure you know about him, for you all seem so with it, but I had not come across his name so wasn’t sure. Anyway, just wanted to ask, I do hope your family is doing well and mommy is coming along well! Thanks for thinking “outside the box”. Makes life so much more fun!