…and the winner is

… the e-mail envelope please…¬† Whew, we barely made it in on time. ūüôā
The Winner 
Congratulations to Mrs. Pear the winner of the Genevan Foundation¬†CD Give away!¬† Mrs. Pear has already been contacted off list and will receive her free copy of these delightful new CD’s from the Serven¬†Family.
Do not dispair if you were not the blessed winner of such a great prize.  I happen to know where you can pick up your very own copy of these great CDs.  Just stop by Genevan Foundation today to add to your family library and more importantly add to your families repertoire of great psalms and hymns to sing. 
Selection Criteria
Mrs. Pear was the eighth e-mail to request entry in the drawing and since we are about to have (as in any day –¬†if not hour) our eight child we thought that would be a fitting selection criteria.¬† I know it’s about as lame of a¬†“random selection” as you can get, but that was as much creative energy as we had around here… did I mention we are about to have a baby.¬† Maybe next time we will do something real agrarian like putting all the e-mail addresses in a hat an letting one of the turkeys peck one out. ūüėȬ† For now random selection of the birth order will have to suffice.
Added Blessing
One last observation I want to make about this drawing.  Beth and I were very blessed by the encouraging comments included in your entries.  We shared them with each other throughout the week and found it to be a real source of encouragement.  For those that included a link to your family blog we spent time this week catching up with your families and were further encouraged by that. 
It seems that many of you are engaged in some sort of agrarian endeavor; either gardening, raising poultry or some other grand adventure discovering God’s food chain.¬† There are many that have large families (or seem to desire one) and are homeschooling your children.¬† I don’t have to tell you what a blessing the children can be.¬† Hard work,¬† yes.¬† Challenging at times, absolutely.¬† But¬†the¬†mortal tests fail in comparison to the eternal joy that will come as we¬†see the children God has entrusted to our care grow¬†into mature faithful Christian men and women.¬† What worldly pleasure¬†could keep us from an¬†investment that will give such eternal rewards?¬† It is a blessing to hear your testimonies about God’s faithfulness with your children.
Lastly, your love for the Lord Jesus Christ shows in your writings and your family story as you tell it.  It is refreshing to be reminded of the many others who are walking this path and are on a similar journey.  Many of us are at different places in the journey and we all have different challenges to overcome, but it is exciting to me to see Christ working in so many around the world.
New Vaughnshire Practice 
In fact, it was such an encouragement we are going to start doing something to encourage this more.¬† I think we will be looking to do a regular monthly give away because that is a lot of fun in itself.¬† But in addition to that, we want to start a semi-regular link post, where you can all post your site (or a favorite site) for other Vaughnshire readers to enjoy.¬† If anyone is half as encouraged by the other sites as we were this week, it will be an effort worth while… aka a worthwhile effort.
So to start with I have skimmed back through the contest entries and pulled out the links I found.  I included those links for your reading pleasure, below.  These are in no particular order just as I found them and pasted them.  There were a bunch of entries so if I failed to catch your link, or if you have one and you did not include a link in your e-mail please feel free to post a link to your blog or favorite web site in the comments of this post.  In the future, we will pick a day of the week and dedicate a regular post for this link sharing event.  For now enjoy the post below and be encouraged.  God is doing a great work in this world of His!

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  • Mrs.Pear says:

    Thank you! We are thrilled to win! The Serven’s CD Hymns for Kith and Kin was instrumental in helping us teach our daughter to sing the Doxology and the first verse of Holy Holy Holy! We love it! So this is a very special treat for us!
    And we love your selection criteria! And not just because it selected us! We are expecting our second in September, and we are so grateful and excited!
    Oh, and because you want to encourage homeschooling families, I just wanted to let you know that you did! We are a first generation homeschooling family!