Got Sheep Milk?

So now that we have both sheep and goats we have the proverbial discussions among the “owners” of said animals as to which one is better to have.

In researching some of the qualities of both we turned up a web site called, “Sheep101“. It is a great resource for the children to learn about the new sheep. In some cases daddy may learn a little as well. I’m just now getting use to the idea that milking goats is a historically normally thing to do and now I found out people make a living milking sheep as well.

This is all very strange to me, but; in a world where Costco and Sams are limiting the amount of rice their customers are allowed to buy, and where eggs prices have risen 40% and milk 26% over the last year, I’m becoming more “OK” with strange ideas like milking sheep.  Apparently, in other more community connected parts of the world, there is even a proverb that says:

Cheese from the ewe,
milk from the goat,
butter from the cow.

So while I’m still much more excited about “leg-o-lamb” than I am “milk-o-ewe”, it is interesting to know that while we might not be able to get water out of a rock in hard times, we could get milk out of a sheep.  Here are some sheep cheese making sites that might be of interest:

Old Chatham Shepherding Company (New York)
Willow Hill Farm (Vermont)
Shepherd Gourmet Dairy (Ontario)
1797 Farm (Maine)
High Weald Dairy (England)

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