A Very Memorable Farm Experience -Lambing at Vaughnshire

One of the highlights of our farm experiences came yesterday in the form of watching one of our sheep give birth to her first baby lamb.  Our 10 year old son is very interested in larger animals (as opposed to poultry) so he had decided to start an entrepreneurial venture around cows and sheep. 

We took a trip this week to visit a man who had a herd of sheep and came home with two pregnant ewes and one lamb.  We were told that the ewes were very close to lambing, within the next couple of weeks.  However, the next morning our son came running into the house saying that one of the ewes had something wrong with it.  We ran out to see what was going on, only to find out that she had definitely started the labor progress. 
Within a few hours we noticed that her labor was progressing as she started to turn around in circles, paw at the ground, sit down and stand up often and stay within a certain area.  She soon started having very strong contractions and we could see something appearing— a water bag, then two little feet and eventually she delivered a healthy, very adorable, baby ram.  Our 10 year old was able to watch her progress throughout the day and was the one who actually saw her drop the baby on the ground.  We took turns watching her labor from a short distance. 


Not all of us roosted in the barn rafters with binoculars

I had the children take a break for lunch….they ate in shifts as to not miss the lamb being born.  When it was the 10 year olds turn to eat, he quickly ate his lunch without saying a word, didn’t even ask for seconds or take a drink out of his cup.  He ate and then ran out of the house saying, “I’ve never seen anything be born before!”  Minutes later, one of the other children ran in the house announcing that she had the lamb. 


It was a very exciting, thrilling day for new shepherds here on the farm and we are in awe of the miracle of birth once again.  Now we await our second lambing here on the farm….which should be very soon!