Spring Cleaning

With spring comes an increase in the amount of things to do around here on the farm as well.  The boys have all kinds of baby, toddler and laying chickens to manage and are scurrying around trying to put together plans for an egg-mobile.  We also just acquired a new pig.  I am not sure how old she is.  And then there is the garden…awaiting…  We have plants ready to be transplanted and seeds to sow.  We are waiting on a nice day without wind gusts and rain.  The guys have been doing their own spring projects like clearing brush, limbs and gathering compost piles. 


Cutting tree limbs

Part of our spring cleaning included me putting an ad on Craig’s list for our massive rooster population.  They were all gone the next day!  Wow…what a difference that makes.  We would have prepared them for the freezer, but circumstances with work and activities did not permit a chicken processing day. 
I still have a huge list of spring cleaning “to do’s” pertaining to the house that I will hopefully get around to doing. 

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