Seedlings Started

Several weeks ago, we ordered our garden seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.  You can check out their website and order a free catalog which contains beautiful pictures of all kinds of beautiful fruits and vegetables and herbs. 

Our seeds arrived, and several children prepared the seed trays.  Once everything was ready, we started planting some seeds to hopefully get a bit of a head start this year.  Next year, we will start earlier!  We were thrilled to wake up one morning, a few days later, and see our little seeds sprouting already!



With the ever increasing amount of food we go through and the cost of feeding a large family with health in mind–having a large productive garden is really going to be a huge blessing if we can pull it off!    We will see how it works out, being that mom will not be able to be head gardener this year due to her being very great with child. 



  • michelle says:

    How exciting! We tilled up our garden just this past Saturday and will hopefully be planting this coming Saturday. Who says you can’t take dominion over the land in the middle of suburbia! lol! I absolutely love watching the garden go from nothing into actual food for our family. Another wonderful reminder of God’s goodness.

  • Carmen says:

    I am so envious! Here in northern Indiana we haven’t had the chance to do much outdoor gardening activities. Yesterday was nice (mushy, but nice) and today will be beautiful, too. I had planned on starting seedlings but being great with child myself (due in about 8 weeks) and we’ll be moving before then…I haven’t even thought about seedlings…oops! We do hope to be moved in time to till up our garden spot and get it going. Maybe next year we’ll be able to do the seedlings?!
    Question for you and anyone else able to answer it. The new house has a smooth top electric stove (we’ve always had gas) and I’ve heard you can’t use a canning pot on it…any other options?

  • amys says:

    Carmen…I’m not sure about this, but we have a flat top electric stove and this past summer we did use a canning pot on it. If we weren’t suppose to do that, I didn’t know, but we didn’t have any problems though and got several quarts of beans canned…

  • BethTN says:

    I have also heard that, but I know people who do can on smooth tops. You also aren’t supposed to use cast iron on a smooth top–but I do (just carefully).

  • Herbjoy says:

    There is a lot of joy and anticipation in beginning a garden after the winter is past. We planted half of our potatoes last Saturday and will finish up the rest tomorrow, along with our onions. If we don’t get them in by St Patrick’s Day they will not finish before it gets too hot here. The new life popping through the soil is always such a wonderful reminder of the greatness of God. We began gardening this year without our oldest two children as they are visiting Alison and Felicity in New Zealand. They are seeing a lot of beautiful sites and we are glad they had the opportunity to go, however we are looking forward to them helping with the rest of the gardening. Keep up the great work and may God bless your efforts with a bountiful harvest!