More Chicks…

We had a surprise when we arrived home after being gone last weekend.  The hen that has been sitting on a nest of eggs hatched out two more chicks.  We were all shocked because of the time between the chicks hatching has been spread out well over a week (about 10 days actually).  We were giving up on the eggs hatching.  There are still a few more eggs, so we will just wait and see what happens this week. 


one of the new baby chicks

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  • ourcrazyfarm says:

    Love your site! We also enjoy living the good life of living on a newly started farm, raising our kids, living to glorify God. Thought I would pass on a little business project for the boys (from our young chicken man Cole). We also sell chicken eggs, but have started to incubate the eggs and sell the chicks. We have found a greater profit in selling chicks, plus its fun to watch them all hatch. Good luck! Terri