Farm Journal Entry – Spring

This week we have posted a lot of farm related material…that would be because it’s early spring (as of today) and there are a ton of things to do around a farm during “planting season”.  As one of my younger children recently lamented, “If only we had more children…we could have more help…” 
Today was a beyond gorgeous day.  I sat in a lawn chair out by the garden and gave directions on what I wanted done. We had cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes and onions to get in the ground.  By the days end, they had the garden planted with plants and had posted the poultry netting around the garden.   The garden would have been gone by morning if we didn’t do something quick because the chickens spotted the fresh young plants and started eating them. 
The boys also repaired the disconnected spring pipe.  Water was gushing out of the pipe into the creek (it is supposed to be connected to another pipe running into our spring tank).  The pipe was disconnected because of the amount of water and debris that rushed through the creek yesterday with all of our rain.  The boys cleared the debris and reconnected the pipe.  All is well. 
The cows and goats were also moved over into a different section of the pasture.  They enjoyed having fresh green grass as they had been grazing in another section for several weeks. 
So far the mother hen hatched out 3 chicks:  one died, two are doing great.  We aren’t sure why the other eggs have not hatched. 
This week, my husband and the boys also started taking out one of the driveways so we can run a fence across the front of the house.  They worked on clearing brush, filling in other parts of the land with fill dirt, leveling out other parts.  This is a huge project in the works. 
That’s all the farm updates.


  • Collin says:

    When did chicken wire become “poultry netting”? I saw this the other day at the hardware store and thought, boy… is this some strange form of political correctness run amok, that we have to re-label farm supplies? Ah well… happy spring!

  • PaulTN says:

    Hi Collin,
    Fortunately this is not a case of political correctness run amuck, there is a substance called poultry netting and it is a great invention. Its web is made up of plastic vertically and electric and plastic twisted wire for the horizontal. To make it even better, it is portable, which means that today and can be used to keep the chickens in a particular area of the pasture and tomorrow we can put it around the garden to keep the rest of the game birds our of the plants! I’ll try to get Beth to post some pictures soon.

  • Collin says:

    Interesting. That’s apparently not the same stuff I saw in the store then… what I saw labeled as “poultry netting” looked identical to the hexagonal-weave stuff we used to call chicken wire. Just a plain, lightweight wire barrier, with no plastic or electrical components. Thanks for the education!