Exciting Farm News

For 3 weeks, our oldest son has been vigilantly watching his broody hen and awaiting the arrival of her chicks.  ( I posted exactly 3 weeks ago today commenting on the broody hen after our son informed us of his suspicions. )


I have to admit that I was very skeptical about the whole “hens-hatching-their-own-chicks” life cycle.  After all, it had been very cold and she had several days where she was kicked off her nest by another bossy hen trying to take over.  How could chicks hatch out of circumstances not “controlled” and ideal? 
God has a unique design and role even for barn yard chickens and we were very excited today as we were able to see His design in our broody hen hatching out her own chicks.  The whole family heard the exciting news this afternoon as our son came in to announce, “Fluffy Feet has chicks under her!”


And to think…all that excitement over chickens! 


  • Kristin L. says:

    How exciting 🙂 How I would love to have the space to have a couple of chickens, and maybe a cow or two… and a horse! I’ll keep dreaming and praying, and if/when the time is right, I’ll have those things. For now, I’ll just continue to enjoy your blog…

  • Carmen says:

    Well congratulations! We have hens only so we don’t have any little chicks around but it would be fun. We are finally moving to a bit more land. Our offer was accepted and closing is in 28 days! We’ll have an acre and a half and room for our chickens and we’d like to get goats but that’ll have to wait until next spring. You all inspire us!

  • BethTN says:

    Kristin–my daughter would love to get a horse, but we aren’t horse people. I tell her we can admire the horses in the next field over. To her…that just isn’t the same. She really likes them though.
    Congrats on the move… 😉