A Beautiful Weekend Remembering Sacred Vows…

We just returned from a wonderful weekend in Alabama to attend a wedding.  It was a beautiful time rejoicing with our friends. 
I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at the awesomeness, depth and enormity of covenant marriage and what it means not only to the body of Christ, but what it means to bringing about cultural reformation in a land that has so far strayed from the Word of God. 
This wedding was a beautiful reminder of the picture of Godly manhood and Godly womanhood being united together as one, to bring Glory to God and be that representative picture here on earth of Christ and His church. 
It was a beautiful weekend remembering our own wedding vows and being overwhelmed at God’s grace and leading in our family. 
May we see more and more of these covenant, dominion minded, God honoring weddings in the future!  It was so wonderful and refreshing! 


To God be all glory and honor for what He has done. 

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