And the Water Overfloweth…

What a year we have had here on the farm…a year of extremes for sure; perfect for breaking in first time country folk.  We have been having a wonderful season … Continue Reading →

Boyhood Work

My husband regularly discusses entrepreneurship, business, income and work with our sons.  They are being encouraged to dream up business ideas, work out figures and numbers and jump at opportunities … Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning

With spring comes an increase in the amount of things to do around here on the farm as well.  The boys have all kinds of baby, toddler and laying chickens … Continue Reading →

The Chicks in the Chick Nursery

After the baby brooder, the boys moved the chicks into the “chick nursery”.  It is a small, wooden pen that the chicks go to after they outgrow the brooder.  We quickly have to … Continue Reading →