Farming Frustrations

A few days ago my 7 year old came in from doing his farm chores and sighed a big sigh….and then unloaded all the frustrations a 7 year old farmer can have.
“YOU will not believe what happened.  Every time I try to move my chicks to the chicken tractor something happens…The first time it was about 16 degrees outside and then the next time it was about 8 degrees.  AND NOW, Bonnie (the milk cow) broke through the chicken tractor and ate all the chicken feed and now I can’t put my chicks in the chicken tractor because the zip ties are completely broke!”  SIGH….
Me….standing in the kitchen listening to all his frustrations and offering him little help — after all, the boy just wants to put his chickens in the field.  They are ready — you know.  1 more inch to grow and they will hit the top of the chick cage! 
Yesterday, after returning home from grocery shopping, I meet a very happy farmer boy who informed me: 

“Guess what???  I finally put my chicks in the chicken tractor and NOTHING HAPPENED!”

For his sake, I sure am glad nothing happened and his chicks are finally safe living the life of farm chickens on green pastures!