Egg-preneurship Boyhood Adventures

Two of our boys are in the “chicken business”  — egg production business, I should say.  Our 12 year old has been diligently writing business plans, calculating costs, reading about chickens, researching breeds and buying options and talking non-stop about his business ideas.  This has been brewing for a while, but was actually jump-started about a month ago when a local restaurant owner told him as soon as he could supply 15 dozen eggs every week, he would buy from him.  That was all it took to get those little entrepreneur wheels kicked into high gear. 


The seven year old has been handed down the operation of being in charge of supplying our family with eggs.  He is working on getting his own flock of chickens that he buys and raises.  He has one buff hen laying currently.  This hen he bought with his own money back in the summer and successfully raised a nice looking laying producer of which he is very proud of. 


Then, of course, there are the 2 super buff chicks that are now safely in the chicken tractor and he tells me they will be laying in June.  So he has a ways to go to raise his production levels to meet the egg usage demands of our large family, but is highly confident that he can do the job. 


Both of these boys awoke early this morning and eagerly went to town with dad to buy some more chicks.  The 12 year old bought 31 chicks to add to his business and our 7 year old bought 5 more buff chicks to add to his collection. 


We were also informed today by the 12 year old that one of his pullets is definitely broody.  She has been successfully sitting on her nest of 10 eggs and has pulled feathers.  This was a very exciting discovery because he was the one who suspected she was ready to sit last week.  Since then, he has been researching and reading about what to watch for and has been diligently checking in on her to make sure she was doing what she was supposed to be doing.  Next week, he will candle the eggs. 


  • Dene says:

    I’m so excited for your boys! My Father-in-Law keeps chickens and we look forward to his extra eggs during the summer. I realize how important chickens are to a homestead, but they are so interesting and beautiful to watch as well. Hope your boys are rewarded generously for their efforts.

  • daysofgrace says:

    I recently found your site and enjoy it very much. My 10 year old son would like to get started with some layers. Can you recommend some books or websites that would give us the basics in getting started. Something tells me we need to start now(ordering chicks).
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • BethTN says:

    You can order a free copy of the McMurray Hatchery catalog—it is a favorite around here and contains a lot of good info about the different breeds. check out their website…
    We like the Rhode Island Red hens—(we dislike the roosters very much as they are very aggressive!) The hens have a very high egg production (brown eggs), do well in cold and heat and are decent around people . We also have some buffs that my son is very fond of and some mix breed chickens.
    We use the bantam chickens for pasture sanitation–they are great scratchers and will clear cow patties in seconds flat. Roosters are annoying though so you can use them for meat!
    For one of our sons restaurant egg sales—he is going to be starting up the White Leghorns. (large white egg producer but flighty)
    You might be able to find a supplier in your area—the last chicks we bought were already 4 to 8 weeks old and they bought them from a man who sells his poultry up at the Tractor Supply / Farm Co-op type stores on Sat. mornings.
    I would call the Co-op type stores and ask.
    I will ask my oldest which books he likes—I know one of them will be Poultry Profits by Salatin.

  • daysofgrace says:

    Thanks for the tips! We have a couple more questions: we have the chicks ordered and a brooder set up, but we’re still trying to decide on the coup/pen. We’d like to pasture the hens with something mobile (like Salatin’s eggmobile) but A LOT smaller.
    What do you use, and do you have any good ideas?

  • BethTN says:

    The boys built a PVC pipe chicken tractor but they don’t like it because it is heavy to move.
    They have another smaller pen that is made of wood—too heavy as well– that is for the newly-out-of-the-brooder-box chicks.
    This week they are going to town to gather supplies to build another chicken tractor for the pasture for the layers that are ready to move out of the smaller tractor. So they are still working on it…
    we will post pictures of the different tractors they have built with what is good and bad about them….

  • daysofgrace says:

    Thanks Beth, we will be watching with anticipation to see what you have come up with. You can see the brooder we set up on my blog

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