A Further Look At Feminism

The character examples in Proverbs 31 are so far above reproach, it is hard to figure out how a woman’s job as keeper of her home and assistant to her husband are anywhere considered substandard or ho-hum?
However, it really is only in believing anti-Biblical thought that one can conjure up the idea that Godly womanhood and glorious motherhood are liken to some repressive, unintelligent, low existence.  According to Scripture, it is just the opposite.  Yet many women, including Christian women, have foolishly believed the snide, negative comments about “home makers being barefoot, pregnant and chained to the stove”.  So they shun the glorious role God gave to women and believe that being barren and fruitless and chained to a grey cubical (or a job) 50 hours a week is the liberated and educated choice.  
The so-called liberated feminist believes the same lie the serpent told Eve in the garden –the humanistic lie that you shall be as a god, deciding for yourself what is good and evil. Beware of the serpent’s beguiling lies and know that when we follow down that destructive path and believe the lies of this feminized culture, it is the road to hell: pain, misery, death and destruction.
When we look at the view that God has of women, we see a completely different picture than what the raging feminist have been painting for the last 150 years. 
( I would highly encourage you to read Jennie Chancey’s article entitled, You Don’t Know Feminism.)
In Proverbs, we see the examples of a woman who was well-educated, industrious, hospitable. We see ultimate security and real love in marriage. We see true prosperity and eternal value. She is highly productive and skillful. She is bold, respected, honored and her husband is known in high places because of her character. She serves and entertains. She is eloquent, prepared and has long term vision and foresight.  She cares for children and those in need.  This woman isn’t measured by what a pagan culture says is acceptable, she is measured and valued in the eyes of her Creator God!  Her home isn’t stagnant edifice of a pile of decaying sticks, but is a thriving, economically vital, bustling place of industry. (see Proverbs 31:10-31)
While the average woman may not be a flaming feminist after the ilk of Linda Hirshman, the culture has set the standard for what and who women should be and the majority of women have been infected by feminist thought whether they know it or not!  As Christian women, our standard isn’t what culture dictates — it comes directly from Scripture — and in our culture our standard, as Christians,  is extremely opposite of current societal norms. 

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