When your 12 year old submits you an invoice…

When my 12 year old submitted me an invoice yesterday, I smiled cautiously and read his bill.  It was a bill for chicken eggs that he had worked up on the computer billing me for the eggs his chickens had laid over the last week.  I think I mentioned before that these boys were business minded.  I mean really business minded! 
5 dozen brown eggs are $2 a dozen for a total of $10.  Not a bad deal for organic farm raised chicken eggs I think.  The funny part is that at the bottom of the invoice it states:

Total due:  $10.00

TERMS:  2 days

Thank You

I have until tomorrow.  Good thing tomorrow is grocery shopping day where I focus on settling my debts and gathering the groceries for this next month. 


  • Candace says:

    Too funny!!! I love it!
    BTW, thanks for the CVS tips!

  • Carmen says:

    Very funny! I just read your post out loud to my husband and mom…our 10 year old (the chicken dude in our house) was listening. I hope he doesn’t get any ideas! : )

  • Dene says:

    Hi! I’m a new reader and love hearing about your farm life. My boys are fascinated and perhaps a wee bit jealous of your critters. I wish you were closer by, we’d love to have some farm-fresh eggs!

  • […] Tonight, I paid my debt on 5 dozen chicken eggs to the 12 year old after he asked the question over supper, “Do I get to charge a late fee to someone that doesn’t pay their bills?”  I got the hint.  Remember he submitted me a bill for his chicken eggs 2 days ago!  […]

  • BethTN says:

    Debt paid in full to a very happy chicken farmer 😉
    Dene—in time…we spent many years longing for critters and land to take dominion over. Now we long for many of those critters to get lost in the woods or eaten by something — the annoying, useless, unproductive, inexpensive ones of course.
    We have a special attachment to those critters that are working for us and those we have paid money for — its the roosters and the prolific barn cats that we are about to downsize.