Super Easy Sourdough

For those of you who have followed my sourdough saga, I won’t bore others with rehashing a sour story.  In short, once upon a time, I had a wonderful thing going — I had a sourdough starter that I fermented starting with capturing yeast from smashed grapes.  It worked wonderful until I changed my starter’s food to fresh ground whole wheat flour.  It didn’t like it much and I ended up killing my starter and all aspirations of continuing my regular sour dough bread-making career. 
A few attempts later at creating another starter all to fail miserably until the one I created last week!  I finished reading the book, Tightwad Gazette III last week and decided to take a dive at sour dough again after reading the super easy sourdough recipe and how to in the book.  It worked beautifully and so far we have had some pretty wonderful sourdough loaves dance out of the oven.  Most joyous to me was the fact that when you combine this victory with the fact that we just started getting 7 eggs a day from our hens — I end up saving $35 off my grocery bill this week because I am not going to be buying fresh eggs and sourdough from the Amish.  Hopefully, my starter won’t act up and will continue to provide us with lots of jump starting power for making lots of bread. 

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