Joel Salatin Would Be Proud

After supper the boys get in a little light reading by the fire on a very blistery cold winter’s night….


These Salatin books win hands down in the minds of these farm boys:  Salad Bar Beef and Pastured Poultry Profits. Tonight, we heard Salatin wisdom in the form of  two boys excited about the books they were reading……The constant “Did you know..” followed by some piece of sustainable farming insight or some funny story or some great idea they are going to pursue became very entertaining. 
Technically, these books aren’t written for 10 year old boys, however, these boys have used the Salatin books as well as the knowledge they have gained through growing practical experience here on the farm, listening to sustainable farming cd’s, reading farming magazines and other books and attending conferences to grow their knowledge and maturity well beyond their age—Well, they are ready to make a go at it!
They both are in the process of starting up business here on the farm.  One with raising beef, one with poultry. 
Tonight, I paid my debt on 5 dozen chicken eggs to the 12 year old after he asked the question over supper, “Do I get to charge a late fee to someone that doesn’t pay their bills?”  I got the hint.  Remember he submitted me a bill for his chicken eggs 2 days ago! 

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  • amys says:

    We LOVE Joel Salatin books too! My husband read “You Can Farm” last year…wow what a head start your boys have! We were in our 30’s before we’ve read about these things. Keep up the great work in raising your children. Blessings to you!