Giving Boys Real Work To Do

We are looking forward to the thawing out season upcoming.  This morning the boys awoke to it raining ice.  Trudging out in the cold and ice to feed animals early in the morning and dealing with all the nuisances of winter time farm life are good character and worth ethic building opportunities for young men.  Not only do they face problems that need to be figured out like frozen animal water, but they face the uncomfortable weather with cold hands and a frozen nose to care for animals that may or may not yet be producing for them yet. 
The rewards of carrying in fresh eggs from chickens they bought themselves and raised is pure joy for a young man. 
As soon as the weather permits, I have hired the boys to haul some dirt from a decomposed leaves site back in the wooded area.  Rich compost to add to our garden.  We are working on building the soil in the garden area by putting leaves, kitchen compost and the new dirt in the area hoping to enrich the area for spring planting.  They are anxious for the work but mostly for work that pays! 

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