Agrarian Ramblings and Farm Updates…

I caught myself thinking a very agrarian thought today as I looked out into the field and watched our cows munching on some fresh hay in the middle of a frigid January winter.  The happy thought hit me, “Look, our milk and meat eating hay!” 
I never use to see cows as anything else but a cow.  However, the agrarian life has opened up an entire wing of thought and introspection like never before. 
Not only that, but it has greatly expanded the subjects of conversation at the supper table. 
In other farm news, our goats are ready to be picked up from the breeder.  However, we have to wait until the weather warms up a bit or we might end up with goats that get pneumonia??  It is strange to think that not too many months ago, it was 100 degrees hotter than it is tonight. The 2 super baby chicks are doing great out in the milk barn in their warming box.  We are still unsure if the milk cow was bred successfully, however, we should know in a few days.  Our hens are laying up a storm thanks to the boys focused efforts in separating them from the roosters, giving them a light and lots of kitchen scraps for food.  Our barn cat catches squirrels and the boys built a “plow” out of an old bicycle.  Now they are just anxious for the ground to thaw so they can “plow” in the garden and finish their paying job of hauling dirt for mom.   



  • Carmen says:

    Since half of our children are allergic to cats and dogs we have been told not to have anything with fur in the house…we have fish. (Not very exciting, I know!) We do have chickens and want to get dairy goats, a pig, and a few more chickens when we move to more land. I have to agree that pets that give back are so rewarding! : )

  • BethTN says:

    The only fur we have in the house are pelts hanging on the wall in the boys room and occasional squirrel tails that the boys leave laying around the house ————that scare me every time I see them sticking out from under the bed or under the couch.
    We are not indoor animal people either…. they live outdoors— and useless, non productive animals are a huge “pet peeve” of mine—