A farm boy's birthday request…

For his 7th birthday, our son asked for chickens. 
He and his dad sat down several weeks ago and ordered 20 buff orpington chicks and 8 ducks. 
Several days later, another son for his 12th birthday asked for 100 chickens and a couple of cherry trees.  Strange request I thought at first, but then realized he has a plan and it is a plan to make money.  Not so strange….just smarter than I was when I was 12.  We didn’t order 100 more chickens, not until he can build himself another chicken tractor and organize a chicken pasture area.  We aren’t ready for that addition yet and after thinking about it for several days, he decided he had better start with a smaller amount and work up. 
A farm boy’s mind works faster than mine.  They don’t mind the work.  They thrive on the challenge and they can’t wait to start 10 projects at one time all the while dreaming up a 100 more. 
There has been much talk and planning about all the grand things they are going to do in way of projects and building farm businesses.  We also talked about what exactly we are going to do with new baby chicks and ducklings being delivered to our farm during a very wintry, cold January. 
Our 7 year old solved the problem by concocting his brilliant idea of parking our 15 passenger van right by the front door, putting the chickens and ducklings in a box in the van, hanging a warmer light from the ceiling and running the extension cord right to the house plug.  They stay warm, out of the weather, close to the house. 
I told him that was about the most hillbilly idea I have heard yet…


  • Tracy says:

    That idea for the box in the van is priceless!! lol. A homemade brooder box might work better though. 🙂 My dh built us one this past fall for the Cornish X’s we got. It worked very well.

  • BethTN says:

    We obviously didn’t use the van …..
    The two surviving chicks are now safely in a box in the milk barn growing fast under a warming lamp.