The Monster of Feminism Exposed


We recently watched the moving film The Monstrous Regiment of Women.   WOW!   It was a very shocking and sobering look at the monster of feminism and the destruction that follows in its wake.  Many reviews have already been written regarding the film, but we would add that you must see this film!  The Gunn family did an amazing job.  The film is well researched and covers a variety of topics showing just how monstrous this regiment of feminists is……from birth control, planned parenthood, the horrific abortion industry to daycare, the military, politics and education; feminism has infected and infested our lives to the core.  As Christians, it is imperative that we recognize this beast for what it is.  We defeat it by returning to the Biblical pattern of family life and standing up for the standards found in God’s Word. 
The section on the abortion industry is beyond words.  It shows how horrific the industry is with footage of an actual abortion and the incredible interview by Carol Everett, now a God-fearing Christian, who is working to help women instead of hurt them like she once did running abortion mills.  She tells the real truth about planned parenthood’s agenda and gives insider information that is shocking to say the least.  The brief yet brutal section which shows the truth about abortion is not the “safe, humane, simple, medical procedure” the feminist before says it is.  It shows the clear, non compromising truth the feminists have been lying about for years. 
We especially enjoyed the historical foundation laid with the story of John Knox, the Scottish Reformer who not only stood against anti-biblical thinking in his day, but staunchly opposed the monstrous regiment of women in his day and exposed them for what they were! 
If you are interested in ordering the film, click here
You might also want to check out the DVD Heartstringsproduced by home schoolers HueMoore.  It is an excellent family film with the added bonus of having a packed full bonus section on the DVD.  Heartstrings is appropriate for all ages. 


  • Candace says:

    I can’t wait to see this!
    I didn’t know Carol Everett was in the film. I counsel at the Agape Pregnancy Help Center in San Antonio and we have worked closely with Carol over the years. She has also been a keynote speaker at our annual fundraising banquets several times. God has certainly used her in mighty ways since becoming a Christian in exposing the darkness and lie of abortion! Thank you for the review!

  • michelle says:

    We, too, thoroughly enjoyed this DVD. It exposes the lies of feminism and the atrocity of abortion in a precise, intelligent format without using the “shock value” that Christians are often accused of. The abortion section was highly upsetting for me (as it should be to all) and I chose not to watch the actual footage during that part. However, in uncovering the horrific truth about the abortion clinics and their target audience (young girls) and monthly “goals”, it renewed a passion in me that I didn’t know existed for protecting the unborn.
    My husband presented it to the elders of our church (we are reformed Baptist) and it has been approved for our church library. 🙂