A real boni fide coon hound

As I mentioned in the previous post about our expanding farm, we did indeed acquire a for real coon hound dog last week in an unexpected way.   Ever since our boys have read the Henty book, “In Freedom’s Cause”, where the king has hunting hounds as well as listening to me read the “Where the Red Fern Grows” book and watching the movie, hound dogs have been the topic of many a conversation.   Add to that the fact that since we moved to the farm, the boys have been trapping predators like possum—The greatest catch being the raccoon they caught last summer.  Well, it is just in them—and they have been making plans to get a coon hound. 
The other evening after supper, we heard a knock at our door.  It was a man who said that his truck had died in the middle of the road in front of our house.  My husband offered him use of our phone and then helped him move the truck out of the road.  They stood outside talking as the man waited for his ride to come get him. 
My husband and two older boys came inside with some exciting news about who the man was.   I wasn’t sure how exciting this news should be.  It was definitely exciting boy news. 
The man, Mr. Gene, had a dog kennel in the back of his truck that my husband inquired about.  One thing led to another and the chat turned into a very exciting conversation for the boys.  Mr. Gene just so happened to be a coon hunting national champion the last 4 years and had a coon dog that he wanted to give the boys.  He told the boys he had been hunting in the hollows and hills around here since he was a boy.  He raises and handles coon hounds and had an extra hound that wasn’t quite up to par for his game, but would be a great hound for some young boys to train and hunt with. 
Within a few days, Mr. Gene brought over the young Treeing Walker Coon Hound and handed her over to the boys.
She is a beautiful dog, I have to say, but once she got the scent of the cat and went baying after it like she couldn’t stop herself, I was thinking this isn’t my kind of dog.  My husband and the boys took off, literally, with her while the rest of us went inside.  After a while, they came back grinning ear to ear and talk of how great that was! 

Ever since then, the boys’ farm chores have increased.  Taking care of a coon hound is a big chore…especially when they have a mother with absolutely no nerve for howling, barking dogs.  “It’s for the them”, my husband reminds me and he is right.  A young boy with responsibility grows to be a man with greater responsibility.  At this age, they need chores and jobs to train self-discipline and self-control in them on a daily basis.  Farm life has offered that to us for sure!
I’ll stick to organizing my closets  and trying to figure out how to make cheese out of all our extra raw milk!

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