Where Art Thou?

As the seasons change, so does life and in our case it has been quite an eventful season change.  We have been extremely busy lately around here on the farm.  Fall has set in with a chill in the air and a feast of color.  We have several interesting posts on chicken tractors, milk barns, herbs, homeschooling, Thanksgiving turkey and the sort that are on the verge of being finished but as of yet have not been completed with the pictures.   


  • Tracy says:

    Well I for one am looking forward to your upcoming posts. All of those subjects are of great interest to me. I would be interested in seeing your chicken tractor….I refer to ours as the chicken tank. Yes, it requires the use of the lawn tractor to move. 🙂 I made my first herbal tincture recently and hope to plant an herb garden this upcoming year. We also hope to have a cow next year so milk barns will be right up our alley. And we homeschool too. Oh and I hope I get to meet you during our visit to your neck of the woods.

  • BethTN says:

    The boys built the chicken tractor and it is a bit heavy as well…but it works for now.
    My computer crashed and my husband has been working on getting another one up and running for me…so posting has been on the back burner.
    I was just watching a DVD on making Echinacea tinctures…very interesting!
    You all are more than welcome to stop by during your visit…let us know when you are around.

  • Tracy says:

    So what is the name of the dvd? I made the Double E Immune tincture. I purchased the herb mixture from the Bulk Herb Store and made a glycerine tincture.