A Vaughnshire Thankgiving – The Monster Turkey

Looking forward to a day of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we started the preparation back in May of this year.  On one of our first trips to the feed store after we closed on the farm we picked up this fellow.

Baby Turkey

He was admittedly an afterthought, but one we are glad we had.  He was the last turkey of the season for the feed store, but our first turkey at Vaughnshire.  Our oldest son quickly took on the responsibility of feeding and caring for this Broad Breasted Bronze.  Although, in my opinion there was not much to this.  This has to be the least problematic animal at Vaughnshire.  But even with such a stellar track record, his day was appointed… at last the day every turkey dreads the day of preparation for Thanksgiving.

Here is how the event unfolded.


“Children run out to the barn and bring the turkey up to the carport. 
Hurry, it looks like it might rain.”


Let’s Go Tom – Your Chariot Awaits


Into the Wagon – uhm I mean your chariot


We are Having a Parade in Your Honor


End of the Parade


The Beginning of a Thanksgiving Feast


The Unofficial Rough Weight 39.5 Pounds!


“…and they bore it between two upon a staff…” Numbers 13:23


OK, Let’s Get Those Pin Feathers


The Official Kitchen Weight 41.5 Pounds!

Now the real question is how do we cook this monster?  Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion to The Monster Turkey – How big is our oven?