The Monstrous Regiment of Hillary

I was wondering “out-loud” in the post on The Monstrous Regiment of Women what John Knox would think about Hillary and the political women of today.  Little did I know that the Gunn’s had already asked this question in their interviews for the film.  I was thrilled when Emily posted this link in a comment to my previous post.

If you have not read John Knox’s book, “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women 1558it is a foundational treatise on the subject of women in civil leadership and well worth the read.  With the coming election potentially bringing this issue to the national stage it is important that Christians understand what the Bible says about this topic.  The challenge in such an emotional topic as this, is to remember that the Bible is the final rule for every decision a Christian makes.  We are not to rely on our feelings, emotions, or even our intellect unless they are conformed to the written word of God.

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