Mother's helper from Oklahoma

Miss. Nathania Tyler has been helping us out around here the past few weekends…amazing how having a capable, responsible 19 year old around immediately makes life a bit easier!  She was a wonderful help to me and was always on top of things!  She even helped us milk our cow which was such a blessing!  Not many young ladies know how to do that!  We were quite impressed with her and are so thankful for the time she spent in our home as my helper!
Many thanks to the Tyler family as well!  They were represented well in Nathania’s hard work and servant heart. 
I have a couple of pictures I will post as soon as I get them downloaded.

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  • Herbjoy says:

    Hello Paul & Bethany. I enjoyed staying with your family! I wanted to write your family a letter but I don’t have your address. I didn’t know how else to contact you other than the blog. Sorry! Here is my email address REMOVED if you would please email your address to me. Thanks! Have a great day!

    In Christ,