Obliterating Gender Neutrality in Our Daughter’s Education

In the home school movement, we have seen many wonderful things surface as parents begin to revive the home as the primary place of education in the lives of their children. However, if we are to truly contend with our enemies in this cultural war, only teaching our children reading, writing and arithmetic proves weak in fighting this battle. There is a widespread problem in the home schooling movement with bringing home the ideas of Rome and blending gender neutrality methods and ideologies in the education approach of our children. Specifically, I would like to address the neutered schooling approach prevalent in a large amount of Christian homes in regards to the training and education of our daughters.

Because we believe the Scriptures have thoroughly laid out the roles of men and women, we are not left wondering how we should educate our daughters. It is clear that they are to be visionary helpers in their father’s home, in preparation to one day be their husband’s helpmeet. Therefore, in the education of our daughters, we are mindful to filter everything through the lens of who she is in Christ and what He has made her for. It is a beautiful picture of Biblical womanhood and one that is vehemently attacked by the feminists.

For our family, we look for ways to encourage our daughters in their roles and have found that they thrive when being educated distinctly different than their brothers. While we do teach reading, writing and arithmetic, these academics need not be neutral but purposefully intended to equip them in their distinctive roles and duties as a woman.

I want to stress that women who are trained within the home to fulfill the duties and obligations she has before God are not some how unintelligent. Our culture is bathed in the lies of feminism which violently condemn the Biblical roles of women. To even suggest that our daughters will not be attending university or college slaps in the face of all that our culture stands for. The fact is, we do not wish to have any part in the pagan indoctrination and care little for piece of paper that states that you are now fully indoctrinated with statist, marxist-freudian ideologies. The heathen rage at this notion. Many Christians are deceived. And those who would seek to overthrow Christianity squirm at the fact that Bible believing Christians are crying out Sola Scriptura and redirecting their lives in radical ways to line up with Biblical standards. It is an affront to the enemy’s plan and a reminder that many Christians are grasping a hold of the dominion mandate and educating their children with an unstoppable boldness of who they are in Christ. A women who knows who she is in Christ and relishes her role as God saw fit to bless her with, is a powerful, uncontainable force in cultural reformation!

As Christians, we have allegiance to Christ and therefore the worldly system which focuses on gender neutrality in a child’s schooling is not an option for Christian children. Practically speaking, in our home education, we strive to use the Bible as the foundation from which all ideas and purpose begin and end. We have found it less stressful and less burdensome to simplify our education path and focus by not getting caught up in the million and one homeschooling curriculums and “what your child should know at what age” philosophies. We have found that when you live life as a home educating family with the Bible as the primary foundational book, much of a child’s education can be taught effortlessly with greater emphasis on character, theology and worldview. In addition, we have gained a wealth of knowledge from the old fashion books such as the Blue-Backed Speller, the 1828 Dictionary and McGuffey’s readers as well as a variety of other good quality new and old books. Logistically, for our home educating efforts, we have found it important to teach the child to read and all other things flow out of that. As well, our children’s education demands that we as parents be constantly searching out the Scriptures as well as reading ourselves.

However, many ask, “What exactly do you mean when you say you educate your girls distinctly different?”


Searching the Scriptures for the qualities of a godly woman is a vital first step if we are to understand the path of education our daughters should be on. We find many examples of Godly women and study their character traits. We study the principle and patterns in Scripture and see how that applies to Godly womanhood. We see the responsibilities and duties of women and we encourage those in our daughter’s every day life. A picture emerges of what a distinctly specific, targeted education for our daughters looks like. We see that a Godly woman’s education is distinct, fascinating, vitally important and isn’t some lowly, declassed, ignoble position like the world tells us it is.

We desperately need a revival of bold Christian womanhood and that starts first with our own heart being refined and changed. Do not underestimate the fact that when a heart is being refined, it is painful. The refiner’s fire is needed, be it painful and wrenching, to purge forth a pure heart ready and willing to be used by our Lord.

In Psalm 51, David cries, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will turn back to you.”

As we begin to return to the narrow path, leaving the things of this world behind, our children will begin to be bathed in the purity of the Word and be built into those strong men and women who will stand in the day of battle.

Our goals are for a specific, purposeful and distinct Christian education. Our purpose in educating them is not solely academic, but with a vision of launching warriors for Christ who contend with their enemies and stand strong in the days of battle. Our women are actively educated in who they are as godly women, so that their roles and duties are specifically laid out, clearly understood, prayerfully embraced and boldly lived out.

  • It is imperative that we train our daughters to be eloquent, bold and firm in their faith yet with a gentle and meek spirit. We must actively lay out the biblical view of women and their roles in home and church.
  • Christian women need to be theologically founded and able to articulate the truth of the Scriptures, not only as a witness to those who do not know Christ, but for the catechizing of her children and to be the supporting and prayerful helper to her husband.
  • There is an absolute necessity for young Christian women to understand history. They need to understand the feminist ideology and agenda and how it is at war with Scripture. In time, our daughters need to be learned and eloquent enough to tear apart this pagan doctrine with complete understanding of the worldview compared to the truth found in the Scriptures.
  • Our daughters need to have an understanding of the life and faith of Godly women found in the Bible, as well as in history. The story of Ruth and Esther are excellent starting places as well as memorizing the well-known, but often misunderstood passage of scripture Proverbs 31. Women of historical notability like Kathryn Von Bora, who provides us with an excellent example of a visionary helpmeet to her husband and competent home manager of their large family. I have enjoyed studying about the great reformer Martin Luther’s wife and have gained much insight into the absolute necessity of strong biblically driven and obedient women who embrace their calling!
  • Our daughters need to be well versed in the arts and sciences of homemaking. Here are a few lost arts that women of the past were educated in: home management, organization, bread making, preparedness, hand work, hospitality, basic understanding of large family logistics, skilled in home economy aspects. Our daughters need to possess a practical, well-rounded knowledge of home arts. A home is revived, busy, aromatic, flourishing, productive and blessed when a hard working woman joyfully serves her father or husband. It is a beautiful picture!

Considering the day and culture in which we live, we need to make serious advances in making sure that our daughters receive Godly inspiration and encouragement as well as a distinctly Biblical, gender specific education. May you be inspired to wrestle with the incredible opportunities that the Lord has given us as home educating parents, to seriously get busy in purposeful, intentional, focused, culture reforming, God honoring education that empowers our daughters to be mighty women for Christ.


  • Sarah Hall says:

    What are your thoughts on online universities where they never have to leave home? Like University of Phoenix?

  • Tracy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. Also with many of these things I am educating myself according to God’s Word. I was not brought up in a Christian household and I am product of the public education system. So there has had to be a purging of the old way of thinking and how liberating that is. Isn’t that funny that the feminists would say that a Biblical view of Godly womanhood isn’t liberating? It is liberating to see clearly your role as a woman of God and fulfill it.

  • PaulTN says:

    Online universities have the same problems as most of the other schools today it is as much what is being taught as to where it’s being taught.

    The question that needs to be asked is, what are we educating for? What is it we (or our children) are trying to learn? That is what determines what kind of education we need and more importantly where is the right place or person to go to for that education.

  • Sarah Hall says:

    That is all true about needing to determine what you are educating for but what if someone wants to grow up and be a schoolteacher? Or any one of the professions that require a college diploma?

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