Escaped Cow

The thing with temporary fencing is that its…well temporary.  That in itself isn’t so bad, except it is not suppose to be the cow that decides how temporary it is!  Just for the farm records, Bonnie the independent, ornery, ovulating, milk cow found a path over the electric fence in paddock number 3.  There is a single strand of wire that makes use of the steep incline along the side of the hollow.  Unfortunately, Bonnie found a place that wasn’t so steep and stepped right over the wire.  (Update – The boys fixed this on Saturday after she escaped the second time Friday evening and we placed her back in the main pasture for the night.)
Of course something like this doesn’t happen when the dad is at home.  Nope, it happens when it’s been a very long and trying week and dad is away teaching class.  So now mom arrives home from the store with a van full of groceries and children only to find her milk cow grazing next to the road and that she now would have the added adventure of figuring out how to “catch” a cow and get her back into a fence that she obviously knows how to get out of!
Just as an aside for any young men out there.  Consider moments like this when you are discussing the attributes and character of a good wife!  If you think a young lady may make a suitable wife, place her in this situation and consider how she might respond.  That will tell you a lot about a woman!
I only say that to play up how proud I am of my wonderful wife.  She and the boys jumped out of the van and quickly went into action.  Bonnie was back in the fence in no time.  What is even more amazing is that I didn’t get a phone call or an e-mail or anything.  I didn’t even know it had happened until I got home.  What a team!

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  • Miss Kelly says:

    Oh my! I have chased a cow before…I was fun. But John, Jack and I never got her to the barn until we had the four-wheeler and a boy to drive it. (I flunked four-wheeler driving school) She was too quick to round up on foot. You must know the secret! “Bonnie was back in the fence in no time” Or else our cow was a ex-hundred meter olympic sprinter! All the best.