Moved Cows to Paddock1

This is the first day in 9 days that we have not had at least some rain fall.  It had to end sometime, but we sure were enjoying the front porch and the gentle refreshing sound of the rain each day after the long dry August.  But today, in place of the rain, we received our first hint of the coming of fall.  With a high around 70 and sunny skies, very little time was spent indoors.  All the work that we did not get done because we were hauling water during the drought, was still waiting for us today.  Not to wax poetic of romantic or anything, this is a cattle update. 🙂
Due to the drought ending rains, we now have grass growing in the fields once again.  We moved the cows back into paddock 1 today with about 6-8 inches of growth on 40% of the field.  We’ll see how that lasts.

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