The Farmer

Once there was a farmer and one year he got a lot of apples.  He sold them for 50 cents and made a lot of money.  With his money he bought a rabbit.  Then the farmer started a compost pile so he got a pig to turn over the compost. 

One morning the farmer went to feed his rabbit and he noticed the door to the pen was open and the rabbit got out so the farmer started a search for the rabbit.   He got his net to get the rabbit and finely he found him in his neighbors garden so he put the rabbit in his pen then the farmer went to the house and got his breakfast.

 It was time to harvest the apples so the farmer got his ladder and bucket.  He put the ladder on the trees and picked the apples off the trees and put the apples in the bucket.  Then he put the apple buckets on the tractor trailer and drove the apples to the house.

It was the next day and he went to feed the animals and the chicken wire pen he made was broke and the pig was eating the chicken eggs so the farmer made a beter pen for the pig.

The farmer wanted some milk so he got a milk cow and milked her every morning and evening.  The cow gave about two gallon of milk in a day.  The farmer sold some milk for 1.00$ a gallon the farmer bilt a pen for the  cow and a milking stand.

In the morning the farmer moved his pig and put the pig in another pen.  The farmer got his tractor and put the compost from the pig in the garden spot and planted pumpkins, tomatoes, okra, peas, and beans and every day he watered the plants.

…to be continued

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