Speaking of Bad Psychology – Home Depot Fires Hero

This is a perfect example of what happens when a society makes everything a sickness instead of a sin.  Check out this article:
There are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start.  First, in any decent society, Dustin Chester would be held as a hero, not fired!  Which, by the way, he is a hero regardless of The Home “Despots” opinion.  Well done Dustin!

“The suspect was taken into custody and transported to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment. It was unknown Tuesday if he was charged.”

Secondly, a thief would not be taken to a medical clinic, he would be taken to jail.  Refer back to the Bad Psychology post.
Another point of lunacy is the fact that the author of the article equates what Dustin did with vigilante justice.

“But experts say vigilante justice, or making a citizen’s arrest, is a legal minefield and that dealing with a suspect’s lawyers is often more dangerous than apprehending the suspect.”

Here is the definition Wikipedia gives for vigilante: “A vigilante is a person or persons who ignore due process enacting their own form of justice when they deem the response of the authorities to be insufficient.”
Stopping someone who was caught in the middle of the crime from running away until the police arrive is not vigilante justice.  It is simply justice, which we are all responsible for.  Either the author, Brandon Puttbrese, is ignorant or he is one of the Tennessean’s usual communist crew that has an agenda against anything to do with justice, decency or right.  I’ll leave dealing with the criminal’s lawyers for another day.
Lastly, you have Kyle Evans of the MPD who says that good citizens should stand by and watch a crime being committed.

“Murfreesboro police spokesman Kyle Evans said the best thing for employees or citizens to do is to be a good witness by making observations about the suspect to help in identifying them.”

In other words, “By all means don’t try to exercise any form of your own judgment because we know the government school education we gave you does not give you the mental ability to make sound judgments.  Only the Gestopo…uhm I mean the police department is trained to handle the complexities of a coke machine robbery.”  Do they honestly think that little of the people of this country?
I’ll leave Don Harrison alone except to say he is a spokesperson for one of those pagan corporations that do nothing to help the problems we face in society.
So let’s see what we learned here. Dustin Chester is a hero.  Brandon Puttbrese, Kyle Evans, and Don Harrison are mental.  And I’m still disillusioned with the world in which we live.

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