Organic Chicken Feed

As I was reading through my drafts, I came across this post that I wrote back before the drought consumed all of our time and energy and way back when we had green grass…evidently I never posted it…so here it is…
End of May 2007
Today the children will show the Vaughnshire organic chicken feed gathering and processing steps.
What is that out in the field?

Why….it’s children running around in the field with empty water bottles catching June bugs and Japanese beetles.

Here are more children at the processing station. When I asked the 4 year old what they were doing he said, “Torturing the beetles…mom!” The two year old said, “Soup, Mom…”

After they successfully kill or incapacitate the beetles, the 3rd crew takes the fresh organic chicken feed to the laying hens and watch them gulp down and enjoy the fine gourmet chicken food produced right here on the farm.
That’s just one way we incorporate creative play, work and productive organic farming all into one.
Organic pest control, healthy organic chicken feed, increase in egg production, decrease in beetle population, entertainment, play and work for the children makes for happy tired children and an added bonus of mom being able to focus on the laundry mound.


  • Tracy says:

    My children used butterfly nets to catch the Japanese beetles for our organic chicken feed. I couldn’t believe how much time they would put in each day on this. It made for happy children and happy chickens. We just starting getting our first eggs a week ago this past Tuesday. We have 17 hens. We had 1 dozen eggs the first week though they were small. Last night we had our first batch of scrambled eggs that were all our eggs. I cannot put into words how that felt.

  • BethTN says:

    That is so exciting! We are feeling the joy with you on getting your first eggs from your own chickens! It is an amazing feeling of “awe” and unexplainable appreciation and wonder when you eat food that is produced on your own land.
    You immediately become more appreciative of the food before you…because you know first hand the work and worry that went into it. Raising the chicks, feeding the chicks, protecting the chicks from harm, wondering when the day will come when you are able to gather that first egg, wondering if it will ever get here, then it finally arrives and you are so overjoyed, the whole family rejoices over those first eggs like they are new found gold! Then to actually cook a meal with your own eggs! Wow …an amazing feeling!
    Yeah…I can relate— Congratulations and may you be blessed with a dozen eggs a day very soon!